Choose your acre Intrusion Connect account type

System User

Included features

  • Mobile App IOS and android
  • Arming control
  • Output control
  • Door control
  • Camera control
  • Event notification

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View your panel status, control your panel devices, access your event log or view your cameras.

Extend your feature set by configuring direct messaging by email or push notifications to your smart mobile device.

Include your family/colleagues to receive emails or notifications in the event of an alarm, to keep them informed.

For help and information on acre Intrusion Connect for System Users refer to the Configuration Manual


Included features

  • Fully managed and maintained platform
  • Powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Secure remote access to sites
  • Backup configuration files
  • Manage user configuration remotely
  • Remote programming
  • Reports

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acre Intrusion Connect is a cost-effective way to allow installers to monitor, manage and maintain intrusion panels remotely from any location using a single & secure web interface.

The service and maintenanced focused features allowing you to offer best in class support services to your clients without the need for phyisical site visits.

The system is scalable with your business, allowing you to delegate groups of panels to installation engineers and service partners with a customizeable installer rights management.

For Help and Tutorials on some of the features available for Installers on acre Intrusion Connect see our Help and Tutorials Webpage


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